Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jenny Bradley

With an emphasis on form, color and pattern, Jenny is invested in the question as to what jewelry can be in our world today. Dissecting her materials to then reconstruct them into new objects, she creates jewelry that explores structural and systemic elements. Her interest in non-traditional materials spark her investigations into the found object which she reformats to interact with elements constructed by her own hand. The work is a celebration of material and form meant to inspire curiosity, celebrate life, and create an appreciation for the little things.

Her most recent body of work focuses more directly on creating systems that move and therefore become interactive with the wearer. The jewelry is graphic and reflects an awareness of the way our world is built. The work is inspired by simple mechanics found in our daily surroundings. These same systems become the central element of her wearable objects. Her jewelry reminds that amidst structure and order it’s okay to get a little crazy and enjoy life at the same time.

Jenny is a recent grad from the SUNY New Paltz Masters program in metal and received her bachelors from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005. She was chosen to participate in the 2005 Graduate Student Show at Gallery Marzee in the Netherlands and has subsequently shown at the Sienna Gallery in Lenox, MA, and the Heidi Lowe Studio in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Jenny also helped develop the jewelry program at the community arts organization, the Steel Yard, in Providence, RI where she has taught several classes.

Blue Mardi-Gras Earrings, mardi-fras beads, silver
Pink Mardi-Gras Brooch, mardi-gras beads, silver, steel

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