Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mike and Maaike

Mike and Maaike is an industrial design studio led by Mike Simonian and Maaike Evers. Formed as a design laboratory, the San Francisco studio works both independently and with clients to create progressive solutions for products, furniture, technology, wearables, environments, and vehicles.

Maaike Evers is Dutch, Mike Simonian, Californian. These distinct backgrounds inform a diverse body of work marked by experimentation, substance and strong conceptual narratives.

Recent collaborations include: Google, Belkin, Steelcase, Xbox, Blankblank, Council, Coalesse, Dupont, Fritz Hansen, Ironkey, and the City of San Francisco.

Stolen Jewels is an exploration of tangible vs. virtual in relation to real and perceived value.

Using Google Image Search, we browsed through some of the most expensive and often famous jewelry in the world, the low-res images we found were stolen, doctored, then transferred to leather, creating a tangible new incarnation. With the expense and intricacy of the jewels stripped away, their essence and visual intensity are extracted. These pieces are applied to printed and scored leather.

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